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Operations Manager: Aidan Potter

Productions Manager: Kevin Hughes

Child Protection Manager: Heather Byrne

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Trillium Productions Ltd is a Family run company specialising in the production of Children’s Festivals and Events in Ireland, We aim to be the best at what we do and our reputation precedes us.

We at Trillium Productions pride ourselves; that we are a family run company, with specialist skills in the Events Production Industry, Ireland.

To date our biggest success and most enjoyable work has been as part of the team that launched and organised and managed Sunrise Children’s Festival 2016 at Brigit’s Gardens. 2017 sees us in again in the return of Sunrise as well as the launch of our very own Sunnydaze Children’s Festival at Rathbeggan Lakes.

Big Bubbles was founded in 2015 to produce, program and staff Festival sized Children’s area at Events. In 2016 we returned with a bigger, better areas as well as a pirate themed Children’s/Family area at Body & Soul.

All the founding members have been programming staffing and running festival sized children’s areas to rave reviews since 2015.

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        Child protection services included for events Ireland:

Trillium Productions provide specialist management skills of child protection policies and procedures tailored to events specific requirements. This experienced team, are trained by Barnados and monitor and enforce policies and procedures to ensure adequate child protection at events. Our Designated Liaison Person will oversee and in the event of an incident is responsible for liaising with the relevant services. For more information or enquires on this service please contact us and we will be happy to discuss your queries.

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